Erin Heaning

Research Assistant at Princeton University


Research Methods, Child Development, Autism


Psychology Undergraduate, Princeton University


Erin Heaning is a senior at Princeton University studying psychology. Her particular research interest in maternal and infant health, combined with her work at the Princeton Baby Lab has resulted in her thesis studying the Effects of Maternal Mental Health on Mother-Infant Interaction: Implications for Cognitive and Brain Development.

Erin is passionate about the de-stigmatization of mental health and is especially interested in incorporating more psychology and humanity into medical settings. Her populations of interest include working with perinatal mothers, and/or patients with degenerative neurological diseases.

Currently, Erin is considering a career in the therapeutic area and is applying to doctoral programs in clinical psychology. Apart from Simply Psychology, Erin also writes for the female empowerment blog


  • Freund, C. A., Heaning, E. G., Mulrain, I. R., McCann, J. B., & DiGiorgio, A. L. (2021). Building better conservation media for primates and people: A case study of orangutan rescue and rehabilitation YouTube videos. People and Nature, 3(6), 1257-1271.

Professional Experience

  • Clinical Safety, Strategy, and Solutions Associate at Bristol-Myers Squibb (January 2021 – Present): Assist team in communicating with clinical trial sites to monitor adverse reactions to study drugs.
  • Research Assistant Princeton Baby Lab (January 2021 – Present): Experience with participant recruitment and correspondence, engaging with families, research design and analysis of study data.
  • Consultant to Physicians Research Center (PRC) (May 2020 – Present): Experience collaborating with medical researchers, conducting literature searches, and drafting/editing academic papers.
  • Resource Associate for the Princeton Disabilities office (2018-Present): Assist in notetaking and class aid for students who qualify through the Disabilities Office.
  • Teacher Aid for Princeton Child Development Institute (June 2022 – August 2022): Learned the role of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) in autism intervention, observed and assisted in classroom instruction.
  • Research Assistant for Dr. Andrea DiGiorgio (May 2020 – Nov 2020): Experience with data entry, organization


  • Anticipated Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Princeton University (2023); Minors in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science