Misha Jan

Research Assistant at Carleton University


Psychology Theories, Mental Health, Neuroscience


Undergraduate Psychology & Neuroscience


Misha Jan is a student at Carleton University, majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. She aspires to pioneer new trauma treatments by synthesizing her research in neuropsychology, psychedelics, and environment while completing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Her core values, which permeate all aspects of her life, are being curious, caring, and creative.

Misha currently works at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Hospital as a research assistant assisting in various projects alongside Dr. Tanya Halsall.

She is also an author for The Charlatan, writing psychology and neuroscience-based articles.

Professional Experience

  • Research Assistant at The Royal Mental Health Hospital (March 2022 – Present): Working under the supervision of Dr. Tanya Halsall on various projects, including outdoor learning and youth substance abuse prevention.
  • Crisis Responder for Kids Help Phone (March 2022 – Present): Offer suicide prevention and crisis intervention counseling by helping individuals handle a moment of crisis in a safe and healthy way.
  • Research Assistant at Carleton University (Apr 2022 – May 2022): Assisted a nature recognition project being conducted through The Happiness Lab under Dr. John Zalenski.
  • Content writer for SimplyPsychology.org: (2022): Contributed to academic articles on various mental health topics such as somatic symptom disorder, secure attachment, hypervigilance in PTSD, and many more.
  • Content writer for The Charlatan: Contributed psychology-based articles on various subjects such as psychedelics, neuroscience, relationships, and mental health improvement strategies.


  • Psychology & Neuroscience and Mental health BSc. (Hons), Carleton University (2021-present)
  •  Crisis Responder Certificate, Kids Help Phone (2022)
  •  Advanced Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) Certificate, ATMA Psychedelic Association of Canada (2023)