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We review all reader feedback and make updates to our content as needed. If you notice something in one of our articles that needs to be corrected, please send us an email at corrections@simplypsychology.org

Meet Our Team

We have a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about psychology and have been researching and writing about it for more than 20 years.

Our team includes psychologists, therapists, mental health practitioners, and professional writers who are passionate about helping others learn about the science of the mind.

Saul Mcleod, PhD


Saul Mcleod is the founder, content writer, and editor-in-chief of Simply Psychology. He is a qualified psychology teacher with over 18 years of experience in further and higher education. He is published in peer-reviewed journals.

Olivia Guy-Evans, MSc

Associate Editor

Olivia Guy-Evans has worked as a Writer and Associate Editor for Simply Psychology since 2020. Before this, Olivia worked in the healthcare sector, supporting adults with their mental health.


Clinical Editor

Florence Yeung is a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner with two years of clinical experience in the NHS primary mental health care. She is also a Doctorate student in Clinical Psychology.

Julia Simkus

Research Assistant

Julia Simkus is a psychology student and research assistant at Princeton University. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Ioanna Stavraki, MSc

Well-being Practitioner

Ioanna Stavraki has an MSc in Applied Neuropsychology. Her job roles have included NHS service development, community well-being practitioner, and teacher. 

Anna Drescher

Mental Health Writer

Anna Drescher is a freelance writer specializing in mental health and psychology.

What Our Readers Say

A fantastic, simple, easy-to-follow layout that has just helped me complete my second assignment for an Openings course at Open University. It has been over 20 years since I was at school, so I am struggling a little with all this.

Whilst there is plenty of information available on the web, I feel it is not as simplistic and basic to follow as yours… it’s too complex, and I get lost and feel more inadequate!

Sharon Owen, Undergraduate Student

Thank you for all the information you have provided on your site! I’m writing a college essay on Vygotsky and Piaget, and your website has given me the basic information I need in a well-written and easily understandable way.

It is rare to find a website that hits the nail on the head, as well as yours!

Oliver James Locke, Undergraduate Student

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